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How Much Water Do I Use

 Activity Non-Conserving Conserving Activities
(5 minutes)
Regular showerhead
30 gallons
Low-flow showerhead/restrictor
15 gallons
Wet-down, rinse off
4 gallons
Toilet Flushing Conventional toilet
5-7 gallons per flush
Ultra-low flush toilet
1.6 gallons
Displacement bag
4-6 gallons
Brushing Teeth Tap running
10 gallons
Wet brush, rinse briefly
Half a gallon or less
Tub Bath Full
20 gallons
Minimum water level
20 gallons or less
Shaving Tap running
20 gallons
Fill basin
1 gallon
Washing Hands Tap running
2 gallons
Soap and rinse
1 gallon or less
Dish Washing Regular showerhead
30 gallons
Wash and rinse in dishpan
or sink
5 gallons
Full cycle
15 gallons
Short cycle
11 gallons
Full cycle, top water
level, 40 gallons
New “tumble-action”
efficient clothes washer
25 gallons