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Shower Faucet

The Showerfaucet™ allows a consumer to conveniently pause (on/off) and adjust the volume of water flow while taking a shower.

The Consumer can soap, scrub, shave, and perform other hygiene functions and have full control of the flow of water without dangerously stooping and disrupting the flow and temperature settings. It is estimated that a 50% water conservation can be achieved per shower. The Showerfaucet™ is the only pneumatically operated showerhead that can remotely control the flow (on-off) and volume of water from a showerhead.

The Showerfaucet™ valve is installed between the shower spout and shower head. (No plumbing is required) Any consumer can install it with a pliers.

The Showerfaucet™ valve is actuated by a pneumatic switch mounted on the shower stall wall to control the flow of shower water ON – Off -VOLUME, utilizing existing shower faucet fixtures. The consumer can remotely control the flow of shower water utilizing a control switch mounted at eye level in the tub or shower enclosure. All existing shower controls remain functional.