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Sink Bridge

A kitchen sink work station to reduce the use of water for rinsing, soaking, washing, cutting, peeling and other kitchen operations. The system incorporates a washer/ sanitizing station, cutting board, grease trap, and composting compartment as part of an integrated kitchen sink system that can be retrofitted into any conventional kitchen sink. In addition to conserving water the Sinkbridge maximizes food handling safety and makes clean-ups a breeze.

The system consists of three components:

A mesh sink device mounted on top of the sink well to create a work surface on top of the sink and provide cutouts to hold additional sink appliances.
The mesh surface is ideal for washing, rinsing, defrosting and handling food items over the sink to allow fluids to drain into the sink without contaminating the kitchen counter or touching the sink bottom.
The mesh sink bridge device incorporates a knockout to position a washer / sanitizing station and a cutout for positioning an empty milk carton or similar disposable container to collect grease, compostibles and other matter without inducing them into the drain system.

A cutting board may be positioned over the mesh surface to create a sanitary cutting surface over the sink to minimize cross contamination of the kitchen counter. The cutting board incorporates a corresponding cutout to conveniently dispose of cuttings into a recycled milk carton container. The cutting board can be washed over the sink to immediately create a clean surface. The cutting board is removable to transport cut items to the kitchen counter in a sanitary environment and prevent cross contamination of food items.

A washer / sanitizing station is positioned into the Sinkbridge to soak, scrape, clean and sanitize plates, glasses, cups and utensils. The sink washer / sanitizing station incorporates two sets of scrub brushes to clean plates, a glass / cup cleaning brush and a utensil soaker. The washer station is filled with a dish washing / sanitizing solution that can be utilized for numerous wash / rinse cycles to conserve water. Clean plates and utensils can be dried on the sink bridge to minimize dishwashing machine cycles.