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There has been no innovation in faucet technology since the 50’s when Delta introduced the ball valve and the Romans perfected the screw valve. Thus Eco Products Group took the initiative to change this and invented the cylinder valve.

The patented cylinder valve allows us to moderate water flow and provide specific temperature settings thus eliminating any waste of water and providing only the necessary and desired flow.


– No need to buy a new faucet, it works with ANY faucet.

– Uniquely controlled hot/cold water mixing. This adds the ability to have programmable temperature settings and volumes.

– Voice activated faucet making it an intelligent device you can program and control without ever touching it.

– Save 50-70% of wasted water, most of which is unused and untouched.

– Installation is simple enough that it will not require a plummer, but only a screwdriver and a wrench.


EcoFaucetLogoThe Ecofaucet™ system introduces a water conservation methodology that can reduce 50 – 90% of residential water use flowing out of the faucet down the sink without ever being utilized. Our projections indicate that we can lower the residential per capita water consumption by 7.2 gallons per day, with a national projection of 1.75 billion gallons per day, equivalent to 530 billion gallons per year of water that need not be drawn from the ground nor processed in the waste stream.


EcoShowerLogoThe Showerfaucet`™ system introduces a user-controlled on-off technology to conserve water while showering. It is estimated that 11.6 gallons of water is utilized per person per day (AWWA residential end uses of water). Assuming a 50% reduction of water use for 300 million individuals, 1.7 billion gallons water conservation per day can be achieved nationally.


EcoSinkBridgeLogoThe Sinkbridge™ cleansing / sanitizing station will reduce the use of free running water wasted during plate, glass and utensil washing and rinsing operations by as much as 90%. The Sinkbridge system creates a sanitary sink and kitchen counter environment by allowing the consumer to perform cutting, rinsing and chopping operations over the sink to reduce the risk of cross contamination of kitchen counter surfaces.


EcoDrainHarvestLogoThe Drainharvest™ system collects and stores greywater flowing down a sink to be re-used for toilet flushing, rinsing and outdoor irrigation. The greywater is stored in a series of sink cistern / collector tanks located under the sink, and can be automatically distributed to storage tanks for subsequent use. It is estimated that up to 90% of the greywater that would normally enter the waste stream through the drain can be re-used.