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Water Conservation

There is no shortage of water on the planet, but there is an acute shortage of potable water… and the potential human toll is alarming. The UN estimates that in less than 25 years, if present water consumption trends continue, 5 billion people will be living in areas where it will be impossible — or nearly impossible — to meet basic water needs for sanitation, cooking and drinking. 


Although 70% of the world’s surface is covered by water, only 2.5% of it is potable, and most of that is trapped in the polar ice caps. According to the World Health Organization, less than 1% of the world’s freshwater, or 0.007% of all the water on Earth, is readily available for human consumption. Pollution and water-supply abuse are rapidly reducing these precious supplies.

The problem is:  There’s no substitute for fresh water

Water is the most basic and necessary commodity, and it is the only element in the world that has no substitute at any price. One can substitute wheat for oats, coal for natural gas, corn oil for soybean oil and hydro- electricity for fossil-fuel generated power, but… water has no substitute regardless of price, the only element in the world of which this is true: This most fundaments of facts is another key to the inexorable and intractable demand for water that will not abate with time.”

“Without question, therefore, clean water is the earth’s most precious resource. But this essential truth has not prevented decades of water mismanagement. Throughout the world, clean water is under-appreciated and woefully abused.”

The Eco Products Group has developed various patented integrated systems approach toward residential – commercial – agricultural – institutional uses and water conservation that can be easily installed to conserve 50% – 90% of the potable water that normally flows down a drain into the sewer system.




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